Forestry Training for Real Estate Professionals

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In Maryland, and the Chesapeake Bay watershed as a whole, private forestland plays a vital role in helping to maintain water quality and overall watershed health.


During the past two decades there has been a rapid increase in the number of forest landowners in the region. Often the only person many new landowners have contact with in terms of understanding the nature of their land purchase is their real estate broker.

The Alliance’s Forestry for the Bay program, along with partners, are developing a four hour professional course to educate Maryland realtors on the economic, ecological and social importance of forest ownership while helping them become versed in the various opportunities and incentives that exist for these landowners.


This course serves also to enhance the marketability of realtors themselves as more knowledgeable land brokers with a better understanding of their product, properties with forestland. Courses will be offered this winter and spring throughout Maryland.

More  information  will be available online soon. Until then, contact  Craig Highfield,  410-267-5723, with questions.

Dan Brellis Online Resource Manager, Maryland & DC Office

Dan is the Alliance's Online Resources Manager. He builds and manages many of the resource and networking websites for the Alliance like the Native Plant Center and the Chesapeake Network. He still tries to get outside occasionally and plant some trees though.

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