30 Events for 30 Years: Planting Seeds for the Future

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Gratitude Initiative: 30+ Events for 30 Years of Restoration Work

Thirty years ago, with the signing of the first Chesapeake Bay Agreement, the Bay restoration effort began to take shape as a watershed-wide effort. Over these last three decades the movement to save the Bay took shape as we have worked to understand it, conserve it, restore it and give it the political attention it deserves. Congress planted a seed for the future when it mandated the creation of and funding of the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership and non-profits and citizen groups were born to add grass roots support and momentum.


Partnerships are all about collaboration. Consensus has never been easy. But time and time again, the Chesapeake Bay Program has proven that when smart and dedicated people come together, face to face, with the intent of solving a problem, they will find something to move forward on together.


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Share these events which recognize the work over the past 30 Years through the Chesapeake Bay Program.


Download the Press Release: Watershed Groups Deliver “30 Events for 30 Years” to Mark Three Decades of Chesapeake Bay Restoration (.pdf)


Download the Talking Points: 30 Events for 30 Years: Planting seeds for the future (.pdf)


Share the PRWeb link: American Water Resources Association Journal Looks at 30 Years of Restoration in the Chesapeake Bay


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