///Intern Spotlight: Meet Jordan

Intern Spotlight: Meet Jordan

Hello, my name is Jordan Jackson and I am in my first summer here at the Alliance, and the experience has been nothing but great. I currently attend Hermitage High School in Henrico County and I have a lot of interests, including chemistry, but I would never have thought that I would come to like learning about the environment as much as I do now. I got set-up with the Alliance through a college preparatory program called Partnership for the Future, and their mission is to provide high-potential high school students from challenging circumstances in the metro-Richmond area with tools and experiences necessary to attain a college degree. During my time here at the Alliance I have done numerous things, from data entry to site visits. I have enjoyed the work that my supervisor has given me and this has been a great and beneficial learning experience. The most interesting thing that I have learned from experiences is seeing how many creeks and streams flow into the James River and how that can affect the river’s health. I also have learned a few things that I can utilize in my future endeavors. I have gotten better at using excel spreadsheet, that has proven to be a vital tool and a very useful one. I have learned that I do have a natural curiosity when it does come to the environmental field and I am intrigued to explore this curiosity further. It will be more than exciting to return for another summer and I will be excited to have another summer of growth.


The Partnership for the Future (PFF) internship is for three summers. Jordan is with the Alliance each summer for 7 weeks, Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 5pm. Jordan, who is a rising junior, will be with the Alliance for two more summers before he heads off to college. His internship has been made possible by generous corporate sponsors of the PFF.

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