Florence von Pelet

Florence has served as the Director of Operations for Modenus Media LLC for the past seven years where she manages communications and operations for the company. She brings over seven years of marketing, communications, public relations, community networking, fundraising, technology, and strategic planning to the Board.

Florence has long been interested in supporting associations and programs that serve the Chesapeake Bay since her residence in Annapolis from 2014 to 2016. She and her fiance spent a significant amount of time on the Chesapeake Bay, sailing on a weekly basis. They witnessed both the beauty and poor health of the Chesapeake. Florence’s hope in joining the Alliance as a board member is to offer her insights and expertise in the field of marketing and communications, specifically in the digital landscape. She has spent the past seven years developing marketing campaigns and initiatives for a variety of brands, and non-profit associations. Her efforts to stay continually educated in the digital world has given her the benefit of understanding how to leverage campaigns, initiatives and programs in an efficient and effective way.