Jenn Jackson

Jennifer S. Jackson (“Jenn”) is employed as a Business Risk Officer at Capital One and has more than 20 years of experience in the Financial Services industry leading the delivery of diverse solutions across multiple disciplines including risk management, marketing, operations, and technology. Jenn has also been a strong supporter of diversity initiatives at Capital One. She was a part of the inaugural leadership team for the LGBT+ associative network and now serves on the Legal Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Before joining Capital One, Jenn worked in public policy conducting research to inform development of more effective programs at the local, state, and national levels. She obtained a B.A. Degree from Wellesley College and a Master’s in Education from Harvard University.

Jenn, her wife, Rachel, and their young sons, Elijah and Lucas, split their time between Richmond and Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. Lovers of all things outdoors, the family spends as much time as possible enjoying sports, hiking, paddling and playing in and around the James River and the Chesapeake Bay.