Naomi Young

Chairman of the Board President, Chesapeake Center for Excellence

Center for Regional Analysis

Naomi Young is the Director of the newly established, Center for Regional Analysis. The Center for Regional Analysis – or CRA – is a nonpartisan research center dedicated to enhancing the well-being and vitality of local and regional economies through independent economic insight and data-driven analysis.  As the inaugural Director, Naomi comes to CRA – and Lancaster, more generally – with 20 years of experience delivering economic and public policy advice to both the private and public sectors in the United States and Australia.

Over the course of her career, Naomi has worked as a regulator, consultant and researcher, on issues related to the management and valuation of natural capital and design of market-based strategies to protect precious water resources. Prior to joining CRA, Naomi was a Senior Economist at the Environmental Finance Center  – University of Maryland.  Her work focused on bringing economic principles to the design of financing mechanisms and measurement of benefits to secure adequate resources for restoring and protecting watershed health, namely in the Delaware and Chesapeake Bay watershed. Prior to that, Naomi’s work on valuation and protection of environmental assets spans contributing to natural resource damage claims, regulatory impact statements, pricing principles and program evaluation.

She holds a Masters in Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University, a Masters in Economics and Applied Econometrics from University of Delaware and an undergraduate degree in Economics from the University of Pittsburgh.