Tara Scully

Tara A. Scully is a Teaching Assistant Professor at the George Washington University. At GW, she regularly teaches introductory biology courses and laboratories to non-science majors. Currently, she teaches four different courses: The Biology of Nutrition and Health; The Ecology and Evolution of Organisms; Food, Nutrition, and Service; and Understanding Organisms through Service Learning. The last 2 courses are service learning courses, which allow students to interact with the community on issues related to food, food access and security, food desserts, pollution, ecological issues, and human impact on other organisms.

Dr. Scully received her MS, specializing in forensic science research with a concentration on fiber evidence and a PhD with a research focus on developmental biology from The George Washington University. She has worked for a nonprofit agency training prosecutors nationwide on how to present forensic evidence—specifically DNA—in criminal cases and is the author of the book Discovering Biology in the Lab: An Introductory Laboratory Manual.