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Dangerous Plants of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

We highlighted two types of edible plants you can forage for in our July and August episodes of Tree Talks. On the other side of the spectrum are dangerous and toxic plants to avoid. Here is a list of some of the most poisonous plants in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed.   Photo

Agroforestry and Native Understory Crops

Agroforestry is an exciting way to sustainably harvest food and herbs in your backyard without compromising your woodland. The concept of agroforestry has been around for decades, but is becoming increasingly popular due to its numerous environmental and economic benefits. Agroforestry is a science-based design framework of supplying food while integrating trees, shrubs, and ground

Our Intern Shares her Experience from this Summer

Hello everyone, my name is Sonia and I’m going to be a senior at VCU! I spent most of my summer as a Water Quality Program intern at the Virginia office of the Alliance. I’m majoring in Environmental Studies, so I found my internship experience very exciting and useful! I enjoyed having different tasks every

10 Chesapeake-Native Trees and Shrubs to plant this Spring

It’s spring, and with the season comes the joys of gardening and landscaping. Are you planning to landscape with native plants this year? If so, don’t forget to include shrubs and trees in the mix! There are many benefits of adding natives to your property. The addition of native trees and shrubs into your landscape

March, the Sweetest Time of the Year!

Image by Dave Pape 2007 INTRODUCTION The weather is starting to warm up as we enter early spring, which means maple syrup season is here! Maple sugaring is the centuries-old American tradition of tapping maple trees for their sap. Maple sugaring is a hallmark industry of our eastern forests, but this industry is

Slowing Land Subsidence in Hampton Roads, VA with Wastewater

Hampton Roads, Virginia is the second largest population area threatened by sea level rise in the country. Southeast Virginia is predicted to be inundated with an additional one to three plus feet of sea level by 2060. Forcing as many as 170,000 residents to relocate. About half of the previous sea level rise can be