/2017 Annual Appeal

2017 Annual Appeal

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Hope is defined as a feeling of trust – and we at the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay are hopeful! We know that clean water and healthy communities are possible through the power of our partnerships and supporters like you!

With your support, the Alliance has been a catalyst for clean water providing the spark to ignite restoration action across the Chesapeake for over 45 years!

We know the real work and the real impact starts at the local level – in your neighborhood park, stream, and backyard. The Alliance team is the boots-on-the-ground working with you and your neighbors to bring clean water back to local communities across the Chesapeake. The Chesapeake is in all of our backyards.

  • In Pennsylvania, our team is reversing the negative effects of pollution on the Octoraro drinking water reservoir in the lower Susquehanna River basin by working cooperatively with a dozen local farmers to install projects that improve the water quality of their farmland streams.
  • In Virginia, our water quality monitoring team has trained a network of local groups and volunteers to collect data and standardize it so we can pinpoint streams that most need help and find solutions.
  • In DC, our team is working with the RiverSmart program, installing over 300 rain gardens and 40 permeable pavement projects, that have created over 100,000 square feet of treated area.
  • In Maryland, our team continues to lead the way with implementing large-scale restoration efforts. The St. Luke’s Restoration of Nature Project in Annapolis has created 275 feet of restored stream and 250 feet of living shoreline, and will include over 10,000 native plants.

At this time, now more than ever before, we need your help! Your donation enables our 32 person staff to utilize the meaningful partnerships we have created locally, in order to strategically target projects that directly improve the water quality in local rivers and streams. The Alliance remains focused on finding on-the-ground solutions that will bring back clean waters and healthy communities.

Please give today! Your donation provides us with the critical funding needed to keep our boots on the ground, accelerate local action, and strengthen our partnerships in bringing communities together. With your help, we can plant trees, restore streams and rivers, enhance healthy forests, measure and track local water quality, create green jobs, and give a voice to all those who believe in clean waters and a healthy Chesapeake!

We know that together we can improve the health of the Chesapeake Bay in all of our backyards. With you as a partner, the future is hopeful for the Chesapeake.

Cheers to a cleaner Chesapeake!

Kate Fritz
Executive Director

P.S. Please consider increasing your gift this year to ensure that we will be able to advance our work across the Chesapeake. To learn more about our programs and to make your gift securely online – visit us at:

P.P.S. Looking for a simple way to take action on your property? Visit our DIY sites.