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Chesapeake Tree Stewards Training

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A group of children and forester shovel dirt back into a hole where a tree is newly planted.

Photo courtesy Kesha Braunskill, Delaware Forest Service.

Chesapeake Tree Stewards is a new initiative from the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, the Maryland Forest Service and local partners developed to promote, enhance and increase tree canopy coverage in our urban and suburban environments by training and supporting community volunteers in proper tree planting and tree care practices. This one day, hands on training and take home program resources will equip Chesapeake Tree Stewards participants with skills to be able to work with neighbors, organizations and local public agencies within their own communities  to organize and lead tree planting projects, assess new potential tree planting sites, care for existing tree canopy, and access a variety of technical support and financial resources to bolster their endeavors.

Chesapeake Tree Steward training covers:

  • Tree Biology & Health
  • Tree Identification & Selection
  • Proper Planting Techniques
  • Maintenance & Pruning
  • Recognizing & addressing tree stressors
  • Organizing community plantings & tree care events

Registration is required along with a commitment to be ready to learn, have fun and meet fellow tree enthusiasts from within your community. Cost is $15.

Please contact Craig Highfield at with questions about the Chesapeake Tree Stewards program. For more information about urban forests and urban tree canopy please visit and


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