/Financing Urban Tree Canopy: A How To for Chesapeake Communities

Financing Urban Tree Canopy: A How To for Chesapeake Communities

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The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, and the University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center invite you to a workshop on sustainable approaches to funding and financing an urban forestry program for Chesapeake Bay communities.

This workshop comes with the ongoing development written guide for Chesapeake Bay communities by the University of Maryland Environmental Finance Center, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, and the US Forest Service with support from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

This workshop is an opportunity to hear from and speak with experts as well as peers from across the Chesapeake Bay watershed on effective, transferable, and often novel approaches to leveraging existing resources or increasing access to funding for implementing urban tree canopy.

This workshop is intended for local government staff, elected officials, volunteer tree boards and/or commissions, and any other individuals or groups involved in urban tree canopy efforts in their community.

Problem Statement

Many Chesapeake Bay localities struggle with UTC implementation due in part or wholly to their limited local capacity to maintain and plant trees, and to protect existing canopy. This limited capacity often results from insufficient resources to implement local urban forestry programs. Localities seek scalable strategies and best practices defined by case studies as guidance for overcoming their own barriers to sufficiently resourced urban forestry programs. Three approaches for addressing barriers include: 1. Improving engagement and education of local officials, residents, and the private sector on the importance of sustaining urban forests and to fund urban forestry programs; 2. Funding urban forestry programs by leveraging programs and fees; and 3. Cost-saving approaches to increasing and sustaining tree canopy through coordinated infrastructure improvement projects.


Registration for this workshop is now closed.

Lunch will be provided.


Draft Workshop Agenda (As of 12/07/18)


For directions to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Offices, click here. Please note, parking at the building costs $15.