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3May, 2017

Are you Chesapeake Bay aware?

May 03, 2017|

By Nissa Dean and Liz Chodoba In 2016, the Legislatures of each of the Chesapeake Bay watershed commonwealths and states designated the second week of June as Chesapeake Bay Awareness Week. This designation urges all

22Feb, 2017

Project Clean Stream: Engaging Businesses and Making a Splash in Local Communities

February 22, 2017|

Every spring, local waterways and woodlands receive a clean start as thousands of volunteers come together for the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s Project Clean Stream, the largest annual volunteer cleanup event in the Chesapeake

30Jan, 2017

Stormwater Symbiosis: A Look at the Bloomingdale Rebate Program as a Successful Example of Public-Private-Civil Society Partnership

January 30, 2017|

Mutually Beneficial Relationships Flourish Institutions that embody symbiotic relationships between public, private, and civil society sectors have proven to be a successful model for the management of water resources across the globe. Their cooperative approach

24Jan, 2017

Growing partnerships with farmers key to restoring Octoraro watershed

January 24, 2017|

The Chesapeake region is fortunate to have a variety of organizations that are interested in creating innovative partnerships to address local needs for clean water. In 2016, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay was awarded

1Jul, 2016

Alliance honors Environmental Leaders on its 45th Anniversary

July 01, 2016|

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay was founded in 1971 by a diverse group of citizens concerned about the declining health of their beloved Chesapeake Bay. They represented business, agriculture, conservation, academia,

1May, 2016

It’s everyone’s business to help restore the Chesapeake Bay

May 01, 2016|

The Chesapeake Bay’s health is inextricably linked to our own, and our collective impact on the land and streams of the Bay’s watershed has been tremendous.   We can try to

1May, 2016

Small woodlots are a big deal to the Chesapeake’s restoration

May 01, 2016|

The commencement of spring is always a significant moment in our Chesapeake forests. Buds swell, ready to break dormancy and add the first of the year’s growth to the canopy while green

24Mar, 2016

Working to Build a Watershed of Environmental Stewards

March 24, 2016|

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s Project Clean Stream returns on April 2nd to kick off its 13th year of helping residents across the Chesapeake watershed become stewards of their local streams and rivers.

26Jan, 2016

It’s Time To Put More Focus on Watershed’s Healthy Streams

January 26, 2016|

A view of the Nanticoke River and it’s countless winding tributaries. Photo by Matt Rath/Chesapeake Bay Program. Most people understand, intuitively, that the ability to clean up the Chesapeake Bay is dependent

27Aug, 2015

Planning Your Legacy

August 27, 2015|

“A society grows great when old men (and women) plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” I ran across this Greek proverb a while back. Although it has broader societal

18Nov, 2014

Chesapeake RiverWise Congregations

November 18, 2014|

Volunteers coming together before planting at All Saints Lutheran Church Written by Lou Etgen & Jodi Rose   One thing most have come to accept more and more in the Chesapeake Bay

4Nov, 2014

Everyone needs to participate for an environmentally just Bay

November 04, 2014|

The idea of watershed stewardship — local citizens engaged in restoration — has never gotten enough credit as a means to achieving a healthy Chesapeake. Since the infancy of Bay restoration, the issues of habitat