Bats are important members of our forest ecosystems and perform invaluable functions for humanity. All October long, you can learn more about these fascinating animals and their current conservation plights as we feature articles and blog posts about our furry friends and their importance to our Chesapeake ecosystem!

Bats in Your Backyard

About three years ago my dad noticed that we had bats in our attic. His first reaction was that he wanted them out of his house as soon as possible. However, when he thought of all the ways that he would achieve this, he realized that he was evicting these poor bats with nowhere to go…

Owl Pellets Bring Skeletons into Schools

Other than Halloween decorations and science museums, most people don’t encounter many skeletons. If you attended elementary school in the U.S. within the past few decades however, there’s a good chance you also got hands-on experience with rodent bones…

White-Nose Syndrome

In October, bats are everywhere. Images of them, at least. The mammals typically are hibernating by Halloween, tucked away in caves and deep rock crevices. Summertime is when you will see real bats around…

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Resurrection of the American Chestnut

Resurrecting something from the dead is a classic scary story plotline, but there is nothing spooky about efforts to bring back our American chestnuts (Castanea dentata)…

American Chestnut: Ghosts of Our Eastern Forests

Our woods are haunted. Generations ago, there was a massacre that left few survivors, and our nation has never been the same. The ghosts of the victims still cling to our forests, reminding naturalists and hikers of what was lost…

The Macabre Mushroom

It’s not a dark and stormy night, but rather a clear and sunny day that I write about for my Halloween-themed forest tale. It was unusually hot and humid for an early autumn hike in the mountains of western Maryland…

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Ryan Davis Chesapeake Forests Program Manager, Pennsylvania Office

Ryan is the Alliance's Program Manager for our Chesapeake Forests program. He focuses on forest conservation and restoration within the watershed in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York.

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