//Key Programs

Key Programs

Building Stewardship

The Alliance builds environmental stewardship through a variety of boots on the ground projects that get community members out in their local watershed, getting their hands dirty.

Conserving Chesapeake Forests

The Alliance conserves Chesapeake forests through innovative projects that improve the health of existing forests, create new forests in places important to water quality, and educate the public on the benefits of forests in our Watershed.

Reduce Stormwater Runoff

The Alliance is working to reduce and treat polluted stormwater runoff that enters our local waterways by completing projects in urban, rural, and residential areas such as planting rain gardens and installing rain barrels.

Assisting Local Governments

The Alliance assists local governments by providing them with technical assistance, training, resources, and a forum for facilitating discussion among local officials, in order to help them implement action to help protect and restore the Watershed.

Supporting Our Partners

The Alliance supports our partners by hosting a variety of local and regional forums that focus on current issues, provide a space for networking, and a place where new ideas can be shared.