River Sojourns

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay has a long history with River Sojourns in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Sojourns are meant to educational paddles along the Bay and its watershed rivers and streams – for one day to a week, and help to create a personal connection between paddlers and the water.

During past Alliance Sojourns, families and individuals have enjoyed on-the-water recreational activities as well as the completion of various restoration projects. Evening programs focus on historical, cultural, and environmental topics related to the rivers and the Chesapeake region. These activities were complemented by interaction with local watershed associations, businesses, and governments that created genuine community events.

Today’s version of Chesapeake Sojourns keeps to the tradition of connecting local residents to their local waterways and the Bay for the purposes of educating, experiencing, and inspiring them to take action in the care and protection of their creeks, rivers, streams and the Bay!

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The “Engaged Communities” commitment of the 2014 Chesapeake Bay Agreement clearly focuses on connecting individuals and groups to the Bay through their shared sense of responsibility and action. The Alliance’s Chesapeake Sojourns focus on this commitment by producing meaningful river experiences that enhance the relationship between participants and their local waterways and spur them to action.

To meet this challenge and to insure individuals from all parts of the watershed have an opportunity to participate we offer sojourns to businesses and other groups in a fee-for-service arrangement, as a member trip, and for targeted audiences to highlight a specific issue and diagram a specific action.

Current Sojourns are planned for one to two days and are distributed throughout the watershed. Each trip is designed to highlight that particular river’s beauty while exploring an issue or issues germane to the local waterway.

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