Richmond Greening The Capitol

In 2008 the Alliance partnered with the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), Virginia Department of General Services, and the City of Richmond to “Green Virginia’s Capitol.” The project’s goal was to reduce stormwater pollution, specifically nitrogen, phosphorus, and sediment that is carried to rivers and streams during storm events.

The partners worked together to install green alleys, permeable pavers, rain gardens, and BayScapes on Capitol Square and surrounding city streets. These projects were estimated to reduce stormwater runoff flowing into Richmond’s sewer system by 64%, phosphorus by 69% and nitrogen by 70%. However by the end of the project, we were pleased to learn that those projections were exceeded. The actual amount of stormwater runoff reduced was 70%, phosphorus was 86%, and nitrogen was 90%.

The vision for Greening Virginia’s Capitol continues to live on, as the Alliance is continuing to pursue funding and partnerships to support the creation of a green corridor on 10th Street from Capitol Square to the James River. We have partnered with Capital Trees, 3north, and Water Street Studios to develop a master plan for the corridor, which we have named “The Jefferson Greenway[ND1].” The Alliance and our partners will continue to work with the City of Richmond to realize this vision by integrating the master plan concepts into the city’s Capital Improvement Plan.

View the Master Plan

View the master plan by clicking the image above, or download it here: Jefferson Greenway Master Plan

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Nissa Dean Virginia State Director, Virginia Office

Nissa is the Alliance's Virginia State Director, where she oversees program staff, and manages a variety of projects, all relying heavily on local partnerships that leverage resources to implement green infrastructure and improve local water quality.

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