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RiverSmart Maintenance Assistance Program

The RiverSmart Maintenance Assistance Program (RSMAP) assists property owners with the maintenance of their installed RiverSmart rain gardens and BayScapes.  The program offers homeowners two types of maintenance assistance including (1) free do-it-yourself advice from the RSMAP team or (2) direct maintenance work through a referral network of contractors.  Work provided by referred contractors is subject to availability and standard rates.

See Maintenance Assistance Options below for service and pricing details.

The RSMAP is a program of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, delivered in partnership with Urban Ecosystem Restorations (UER), a nonprofit urban land trust devoted to the development and preservation of Eco-Functioning Spaces (value-enhancing urban green spaces that perform ecological functions). The RSMAP is supported through grant funding provided by the District Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE).

RiverSmart Rain Barrel Program
“The RiverSmart Maintenance Team is fantastic!! They were so helpful in the email correspondence and by phone. They were very responsive and accommodated my tricky schedule with an infant. They provided great information and guidance for the way forward to fix our rain garden.”
- Jaime A., Homeowner, Ward 4

Maintenance Assistance Options

1. Free Phone/Email Advice from RSMAP Team Members

  • Free service is available to RiverSmart property owners looking for advice and related resources on maintenance issues
  • Property owners submit their garden maintenance questions by filling out an online inquiry in the link below
  • A RiverSmart maintenance team member will respond to inquiries within 3 business days
  • If maintenance issues cannot be fully addressed remotely, the RSMAP team may suggest Maintenance Services by a Contractor
Submit a Free Maintenance Inquiry Here

2. Maintenance Services by Contractor

  • A Contractor Referral List is available for contractors who perform RiverSmart maintenance work – submit an inquiry through the link above
  • Homeowners will contact qualified contractors to provide estimates for maintenance services. Pricing will be dependent on the scope of the project and will vary
  • Homeowners contract directly with selected contractor for completion of desired maintenance services and payment terms
  • Maintenance services may include work such as:
  • Mulching, weeding, pruning
  • For rain gardens –

    – Inspection of berm and shore up as needed
    – Inspection of ponding depths and corrections as needed
    – Inspection of inlet protection and addition of rock as needed
    – Inspection of overflow area and corrections as needed

  • Other services –

    – Additional planting
    – Thinning and replanting
    – Invasive removal

  • Homeowner will be asked to complete a customer experience survey for RSMAP after the service is delivered
“My rain garden was installed in May 2014 and is in need of some minor maintenance. The berms of the rain garden have eroded and the interior of the garden had filled with leaf and other debris, reducing its capacity to retain water. The overflow pipe from the rain barrel and the sump in the rain garden were in good shape. The BayScaping is fine – just needed some sprucing up. I elected to use the Level 3 Maintenance Services and was happy with the results.”
- Stephen R., Homeowner, Ward 5

Maintenance Service Examples

Rain Garden Maintenance

BayScape Maintenance





Maintenance Covered:

  • Rebuild the berm
  • Reestablish the proper ponding depth
  • Create overflow area
  • Check pipe inlet to ensure it is clear and clean out if needed
  • Weeding and mulching
  • 3 hours labor included
  • Materials included: mulch, rock, clay soil for berm
  • Hauling + dumping included

Maintenance Covered:

  • Weeding
  • Mulching
  • Pruning existing plants as needed
  • 3 hours labor
  • Materials – mulch
  • Hauling + dumping included

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