Caitlyn Johnstone

Caitlyn Johnstone

Caitlyn Johnstone

Communications and Outreach Specialist for Chesapeake Bay Program

Maryland Office


(410) 267 9874

Caitlyn is a native of Salisbury, MD who spent most of her years further inland but never lost her love for the shore. She always found the time to return home and visit her family in the watermen community of Deal Island and the farming community of Mardela Springs, even while earning her degrees in English and Psychology amidst the beautiful mountains and caves of West Virginia. As an SAT teacher for three years, Caitlyn used facts and science-based stories as the prizes to keep her students engaged while teaching lectures across Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. After a brief jump to Seattle for a few months, Caitlyn worked for the better part of four years as a project manager for a global digital branding corporation in the state of Delaware.

Over the years spent traveling and working in other parts of the watershed, The National Refuge of Assateague Island remained Caitlyn’s favorite haunt and escape. A child of the eastern shore at heart, her solace was in the intricate and fragile ecosystem that forms those shores. Her frequent visits and the passage of time allowed her to see significant changes to the landscape – and in particular, an alarming decline in the number of mussels clinging to the salt marsh grasses. It was this catalyst that triggered a career change.

Caitlyn joined the Alliance in September of 2016 as the outreach coordinator for the Chesapeake Bay Program, working to increase collaboration and involvement both internally and externally for the restoration and vitality of the watershed as a whole. In addition to her work with the Bay Program, Caitlyn is a long-time data specialist for a botanist and consulting forester pair working to implement best management practices and catalogue plants and pollinators throughout the United States. Caitlyn is a crew member on the tall ship Kalmar Nyckel, enjoys solo camping trips with her father’s golden retriever, Blondie, and takes delight in cooking intricate meals for the pure pleasure of chef work and the beauty of food. Caitlyn lives on a boat with her nebelung cat, Lida Rose Neil.