Queen Richardson

Queen Richardson

Queen Richardson

RiverSmart Homes Program Assistant

DC Office


(202) 910 9796

Queen was born and raised in Washington, DC. She discovered her passion for the environment her senior year of high school as it neared graduation time and she didn’t have the community service hours she needed, so she volunteered as a youth leader for Sash Bruce Youth work. As a youth leader she advocated for year-round youth employment and other community issues by writing testimonies and speeches to present to council members about possible solutions. Shortly after she was introduced to gardening by a non-profit organization called Beet Street Gardens. She learned a variety about gardening from watering and weeding to companion planting and production. Queen enjoyed it so much she began to change her eating habits and started her own little garden. This also encouraged her to teach others about gardening and nutrition, so much so she began facilitating numerous workshops for youth ages 13-17 about gardening. After about she and the group she worked with decided to create a pilot project selling homemade organic sweet potato pies from their produce, which they would sell at farmers markets and events throughout DC.

After the partnership ended with Sasha Bruce, Queen became a collective member of Beet Street Gardens where she helped maintain garden sites, create crop plans and attend collective meetings/events. During this time she also worked at a small caf√© called Big Bear, as a cashier and baker for three years. She then transitioned to a production bakery called Tryst Trading Co. She soon realized she didn’t want to be a baker after her first year, so she left and joined a five month conservation cohort called River Corps. She was a team member and the only girl in the cohort. The group visited the streams in DC and did photo monitoring to keep track of the restoration progress and report it back to Department of Energy and Environment. They also did invasive species removal and River Smart Home inspections.

She learned so much about storm water, sewer systems, green infrastructure and the Chesapeake Bay through this program. She also gained a few certifications such as Child and Adult First Aid CPR/AED and Erosion and Sediment Control. After that she completed two internships with DOEE as a summer youth leader and administrative assistant. Toward the end of the internship in efforts to find employment involving familiar work and environmental issues she found the Program Assistant position with the Alliance. Queen is now proud to be a part of the Alliance family!