Tim Hudspeth

Tim Hudspeth

Tim Hudspeth

Finance Assistant

Maryland Office


(443) 949 0575

Tim is the Finance Assistant supporting the Alliance with various financial operations. He brings 11 years of procurement and budget experience from his previous employment with the Department of Justice. He started in the Pathways student program, then hired as a contractor after he received his degree in Communications from Bowie State University. During the pursuit of his degree, Tim had a strong interest in film. This drove him to invest in his own videography equipment, facilitating a wide range of projects like shooting music videos, documentaries, short movies, vlogs, and product reviews to name a few.

In 2014, Tim was reunited with bass fishing, a hobby that was introduced to him by his grandfather when he was six years old. As an adult he could never catch any fish, and it made him dwell on what he was doing wrong. After researching fish behavior to sharpen his abilities, Tim became obsessed with how intricate the species was. He was intrigued after discovering that fish were affected by so many factors, some being the environment, changing seasons, and weather patterns. This unearthed his passion for wildlife, ecology, and environmental science. In the years following he enrolled at Oregon State University Ecampus to pursue a second bachelors degree in Natural Resources.

Tim is a husband and father of two toddlers, currently residing in Bowie, MD. He and his wife run a photography & videography business that they started in 2015. In his spare time, Tim enjoys fishing, hiking, studying all things nature, sci-fi conspiracy theories, and creating videos for his kayak exploration vlog.