Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay recognized Dr. Alan Anderson as our 2021 Maryland Watershed Champion

It was with great pleasure that the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay recognized Dr. Alan Anderson as our 2021 Maryland Watershed Champion at our “Taste: Celebrate 50 Years on September 23rd. We recognized him for his work through our partnership with Bowie State University, and his commitment to ensuring his students have an opportunity to build skills related to environmental conservation. Dr. Anderson has been incredibly giving of his time to this partnership, and his efforts have created year-round meaningful watershed experiences for students in the classroom and beyond.

Dr. Alan J. Anderson is Associate Professor of Chemistry in the Department of Natural Sciences at Bowie State University (BSU) and previously served as Department Chair (2016-2018) and Chemistry Program Coordinator (2015-2017). He was also a visiting faculty fellow at Scripps Research Institute in 2013 and Adjunct Professor of Chemistry at University of Maryland College Park (2011-2013).
Dr. Anderson earned a BS degree in Chemistry from North Carolina A&T State University (1996) and a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Howard University (2003). He also completed a three-year postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University under Professor Andrew G. Myers (2003-2006).

At BSU, Dr. Anderson developed an outstanding research program, working primarily with undergraduate students, centered on the synthesis of novel medical compounds and nano-materials while applying principles of green chemistry, funded in part by several National Science Foundation and Department of Defense grants. He has mentored over 25 undergraduate researchers who have continued on to pursue graduate and professional careers. In 2014, Dr. Anderson was awarded Researcher of the Year in the College of Arts and Sciences at Bowie State University.

Over the past year, working closely with staff from the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Dr. Anderson and several BSU students established a student-led water monitoring program at Bowie State University. Highlights of this program include water monitoring training and seminars as well as the monthly water monitoring of two streams off the Chesapeake Bay utilizing equipment and training provided by the Alliance. This year Dr. Anderson served as chair of the Earth Week Committee and, along with members of the BSU Climate Commitment Coordinating Committee, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, and several staff from the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment, conducted several community-wide events during the week of Earth Day.


Dr. A,
I have had the pleasure of knowing you for eight years now, primarily from your service and work through the C4 (Climate Commitment Coordinating Committee), but also for other administrative reasons. You are a trustworthy co-worker that I know I can count on for taking charge of tasks. Not only have you continuously contributed in significant ways to achieving BSU’s goals in environmental sustainability, but you make it a point to add these causes to the academic sector by making sure your own classes are knowledgeable and active in sustainability education (i.e. the seminar discussions with the Alliance). I appreciate the fact that you will step in to volunteer your own service and lobby for your students to get involved in campus events and activities surrounding sustainability. You go above and beyond, and your leadership has helped BSU to become more active in the movement. In addition to all of that, we hail from the same era, and the same area (central NC) and I enjoy our personal discussions and your relatability. You certainly deserve this award. Congratulations , congratulations!!

Jabari Walker,
Sustainability & Energy Coordinator at Bowie State University

Jabari Walker
Bowie State University

Dr. Anderson,

Congratulations on your recognition as the 2021 Maryland Watershed Champion! This recognition is well deserved. Thank you for engaging your students in the work of restoring and protecting our local waterways.

Dawn Hawkins-Nixon
prince george's county