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Green Infrastructure

Community Collaboration for Conservation

The Alliance reduces stormwater runoff by implementing conservation landscaping practices that improve water quality and support healthy landscapes throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Nearly 1.9 million acres of land is impervious in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, contributing to increased stormwater runoff polluting local waterways. We proactively reduce runoff by implementing rain gardens, native plant gardens, rain barrels, and permeable surfaces.

Additionally, we collaborate with communities to build living shorelines, wetlands, and stream restoration projects, improving water quality, increasing biological diversity, and supporting healthy landscapes throughout the watershed.

Learn how DC resident, Rodrick West, brings more nature to his Ward 7 community.

Landscape Restoration

The Alliance’s landscape restoration work restores shorelines, wetlands, streams, and sensitive wildlife areas to keep our waterways clean and sustain healthy lands.

The Alliance works with partners to repair these sensitive landscapes by installing restorative practices that also enhance ecosystem resilience, protect diverse communities, and benefit thousands of birds, fish, and other wildlife dependent on native wildlife habitat.

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Stormwater Management

The Alliance is committed to helping communities reduce the pollution that enters local waterways by installing practices that use natural processes to improve water quality.

Our partnerships and projects focus on community-based efforts that engage local landowners to implement this green infrastructure, which beautify urban environments, create pockets of beneficial habitat, and make for a healthier Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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Workforce Development

Whether it be through green job training efforts, industry professionals engagement, or resource sharing with partners, the Alliance is committed to enhancing the professional workforce that installs and maintains green infrastructure practices.

Building this capacity ensures the long term sustainability of water quality improvement projects.

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Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Program