Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Program


Exploring the Uhler Tract: Forest Management, Invasive Species, and Biodiversity at Bowie State University

The Alliance, Bowie State University, and the Maryland Park Service are collaborating on a forest management plan for approximately 255 acres of land. Join the Alliance’s Forests program field crew as they share what they found most interesting during the forest inventory in late May.

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One Pink Lady's Slipper flower growing up from a partly sunny forest floor.

What’s Poppin’? Phenological Fun: Pink Lady’s Slipper

Symbiosis and self-compatibility! The alluring Pink Lady’s Slipper is a stunningly unique species.

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Spring has Sprung! Time to Get out and Get to Know Your Rain Barrel

Warmer weather and Spring showers are here, and rain barrels can be a great tool for reducing stormwater runoff. Check out some tips to maximize the amount of water your rain barrel can collect.

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Creating Healthier Home Garden Habitats

As any home gardener knows, a healthy garden can include plenty of variety. However, when selecting what plants to put in your garden, it is important to be picky.

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An Inside Look at Presenting at the Alliance’s Annual Watershed Forum

It’s the incredible speakers who craft memorable sessions that help bring the annual Chesapeake Watershed Forum and its theme to life, and the Alliance solicits session proposals every year.

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Creating Access to Green Space in Richmond’s East End

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay and partners are pleased to announce the groundbreaking of the Greening Greater Fulton Project, which will bring a green street to two blocks of Government Road in Richmond’s East End.

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A blue bird sticking its head out of a hole in a tree.

Exploring the Intricate Relationship Between Birds and Native Trees in Spring: A Symphony of Mutualism

Spring in the Chesapeake Bay watershed is a season of renewal and rejuvenation, marked by the harmonious interplay between native trees and bird species.

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Left photo shows a branch with four small paw paw flowers. Photo on the right shows one paw paw flower straight on showing the stigma and petals.

What’s Poppin’? Phenological Fun: Paw Paw

Like a lot of fruiting trees, a paw paw cannot produce fruit on its own, and April-May is the best time to see paw paw flowers!

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Macro Macros! Getting the Big Picture with Tiny Bugs

On the bottom of streams across the Chesapeake Bay watershed live hundreds of unique species of macroinvertebrates. From maylfies to stoneflies and caddisflies, to name a few, macroinvertebrates come in all shapes and sizes.

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A belted kingfisher hovering as it waits to catch some prey (Photo Credit: Ron Dudley).

Diving into the World of the Belted Kingfisher

Due to the abundance of fish and insects that a waterway provides, you can find a wide variety of birds while kayaking streams in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, including the belted kingfisher, Megaceryle alcyon.

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