Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Program


Streamside Science: How We Monitor our Waterways

Clean water and resilient landscapes, cared for by all the people who live, work, and play in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. That’s the Alliance’s vision, and we are working on another piece of the puzzle that makes that vision clearer: community-based stream monitoring.

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Welcome, New Alliance Team Members!

The Alliance has had another growth spurt! Please join us in welcoming nine new team members across the watershed.

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The view from inside of a kayak on a rive, with another kayaker to the left. Green trees in the foreground and sunny blue skies in the background.

Down the Winding Current: Paddling the Susquehanna River

Last September, I completed the fourth and final leg of my 444-mile kayaking journey, from North Branch of the Susquehanna from Cooperstown, New York, to Havre de Grace, Maryland with my dad.

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The Alliance’s DEIJ-Infused Strategic Vision

The Alliance launched its 2023-2028 Strategic Plan. The 5+ year roadmap for this Plan furthers the efforts within our four program areas, and serves as a recommitment to prioritize Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) in our policies, strategic efforts, and program delivery.

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Dig it Yourself: A Rain Garden How-to

There are a lot of reasons you may want to install a rain garden. No matter what your reason, the design and installation of a rain garden should never prevent you from moving forward with one!

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We Love Autumn, but not Autumn Olive

We’re knee deep in colorful fall foliage at this point, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Autumn is my favorite season, but it’s also associated with the next species in our invasive species series; autumn olive.

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Moving on up to Downsize

Last fall, the Alliance’s Annapolis headquarters moved across town. In the old space for 12 years, we accumulated a lot of stuff, and we decided it would be best to downsize.

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One small lily of the valley plant flowering on a forest floor.

Botanical Boogeymen: Unveiling the Dark World of Poisonous Plants

Come with me as we traverse a spooky world of poisons and hallucinogens closer than you might think, just outside your door.

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Close up image of devil tooth fungus on a forest floor with red extracellular fluid droplets sitting on top of the fungus

Its allliiive, Devil Tooth Fungus

Its allliiive! But, not quite like that. I mean, mushrooms don’t have blood right? Well hold your hiking stick, because this spooky mushroom might cause quite the fright if you look down and happen to see it.

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Close up image of ghost pipes with pink coloring growing from the forest floor.

The Ghosts of the forest Floor: Ghost Pipes

The forest floor hosts all kinds of spooky life forms, but have you ever stumbled across something erupting from the forest floor that is more sinister or more haunting than this fungal forest feature?

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