Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Program


A group of people wade into the the side of a river

Bernie Fowler Patuxent River Wade-in: 37 Years of Community Science

This past June, I attended my first Bernie Fowler Wade-In on the Patuxent River in Calvert County, Maryland. I was grateful to be in community with other clean water champions, carrying on important traditions. As a community, we collected one more piece of evidence that together, we can go farther.

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A few ninebark blooms surrounded by green ninebark leaves.

What’s Poppin’? Phenological Fun: Ninebark

Ninebark is a hardy, perrenial shrub that changes appearance seasonally.

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A person placing a sticker on a book recommendation to indicate agreement

Environmentally Themed Reads For Your Summer

Camping, hammocks, beach days, wherever you go, the too-hot afternoons and the long hours of daylight make reading one of the best summer pastimes.

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Coleman Organic, Brian Eckman, Coleman Family Farmer since 2015

Corporate Partnerships lead to on farm conservation: How the Alliance and Perdue are aiding poultry farmers with their conservation needs.

From animal waste management systems to vegetative environmental buffers (VEBs), the Alliance and Perdue have been able to mitigate environmental resource concerns, while creating a more natural environment for the poultry flocks.

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Happy 25-year Work Anniversary to Jamie Alberti!

Jamie Alberti has a passion for clean water. As our Green Infrastructure Program Director, Jamie helps communities throughout the Chesapeake watershed reduce stormwater runoff by implementing conservation landscaping practices that improve water quality and support healthy landscapes.

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Invasive Bittersweet Vines: All Bitter, No Sweet

It might be in your nearest park or forest, or even your own backyard, if you’re not a diligent invasive weed puller. If you live anywhere in the watershed, it’s definitely in your state.

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Press Release: Flexible Funding Available for Riparian Forest Buffer Installation and Maintenance in Virginia

The Alliance is excited to partner with the Virginia Department of Forestry as they launch a flexible, no-cost riparian forest buffer installation program called Riparian Forests for Landowners Program. This unique program will also cover one year of maintenance for landowners.

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A close up of green algae and aquatic plants in the water

Below the Surface of Monitoring: Dissolved Oxygen

Water chemistry is sort of like a finely balanced seesaw. When it comes to dissolved oxygen, water temperature is its trusty friend on the other side. However, the effects of warming waters on dissolved oxygen in the Chesapeake Bay watershed are no game.

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An adult and a child plant a tree in a field

70,000 Native Trees and Shrubs for Big Elk Creek State Park

The Alliance’s largest-ever tree planting is complete; Big Elk Creek State Park in Chester County, Pennsylvania now has 270 acres of new forest, including over 70,000 native tree and shrub seedlings!

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Exploring the Uhler Tract: Forest Management, Invasive Species, and Biodiversity at Bowie State University

The Alliance, Bowie State University, and the Maryland Park Service are collaborating on a forest management plan for approximately 255 acres of land. Join the Alliance’s Forests program field crew as they share what they found most interesting during the forest inventory in late May.

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