Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Program


An aerial view of a neighborhood of houses combined with forest

Stakeholders’ Advisory Committee discusses the effects of tree loss on a local scale

The Stakeholders Advisory Committee consists of volunteers from across the Chesapeake Bay watershed who advise the Chesapeake Executive Council on the interests of communities and stakeholders. The committee learns and discusses state and local priorities related to water quality, living resources, wildlife habitats, community engagement and other priorities outlined in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement.

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A large group of people posing for a group photo.

The Inaugural HBCU/MSI Chesapeake Bay Summit

On September 9th and 10th, the Alliance hosted approximately 50 students and 11 faculty members from Maryland and Washington, DC’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) at the inaugural HBCU/MSI Chesapeake Bay Summit. Each of these students woke up before the sun rose to converge on Pecometh Retreat Center, driven by one thing – a shared passion for the environment.

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A bee hovering near a yellow jewelweed flower

A Native Chesapeake Plant Can Prevent Your Poison Ivy Rash

Growing anywhere from two to five feet tall, jewelweed is a natural remedy to poison ivy—if you can catch it quickly enough.

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Drones & Dairy – A Farm Transformation

It was a beautiful summer morning when I pulled into an Amish dairy farm in Pennsylvania. After patiently waiting for an old farm dog to trot out of the driveway, I parked behind the barn and began setting up my camera gear.

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600 Pounds of Trash Removed During Project Clean Stream Kick-off Events!

Project Clean Stream (PCS) began in 2002, and since, tens of thousands of volunteers have helped pick up trash in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Volunteers are empowered with the agency to lead their stream cleanups and build a stronger sense of place in their communities.

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Spend More Ethically with Conscious Consumerism

To be a conscious consumer is to be aware of what you buy and use, and the impact it has on the world. It sounds simple enough, but the line from production to consumption is full of twists, turns, and knots.

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Reforestation Opportunity Available for Maryland Landowners

The Healthy Forests Healthy Waters (HFHW) program offers landowners in Maryland a cost-free opportunity to establish new woodland cover on their property.

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In Defense of the Gumball Tree

Those spiky gumball-like seeds can look daunting, like a thousand medieval chain maces ready to strike those who wander too near.

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What’s Poppin’? Phenological Fun: Eastern Cicada Killer Wasp

Is this the fabled “murder hornet” we keep hearing about? No! This is the eastern cicada killer wasp!

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Press Release: Alliance Kicks Off Annual Taste Fundraising Event Along the Susquehanna in PA on August 31st

The Susquehanna River contributes two-thirds of the freshwater to the Chesapeake Bay and is critically important to the restoration efforts for the whole watershed. To help heal the Susquehanna and its tributaries, the Alliance for the Chesapeake kicked off the celebrations at River’s Edge on August 31st as part of the Alliance’s annual Taste: Celebrate the Chesapeake event series.

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