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Stewardship & Engagement

Building Commitment to the Chesapeake

The Alliance engages communities, companies, and conservationists to build a more resilient landscape and foster a deeper commitment to improving our local lands and waters in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

There are 18.1 million people living and working in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. We engage communities, companies, and conservationists to build a more resilient landscape for the region’s vast and diverse population.

Through forums, conferences, events, and volunteer opportunities, we foster a deeper understanding and commitment to restoring our local lands, rivers, and streams.

Local Government

The Alliance’s Local Government Initiative Team engages and facilitates conversations with local decision makers on watershed priorities with the goal of enabling local governments to implement local conservation actions that protect and/or restore their local watershed and have downstream benefits to the Chesapeake watershed.

In addition the Team works closely with Chesapeake Bay Program partners to guide restoration efforts in a manner that addresses the needs of local governments.

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Water Quality Monitoring

The Water Quality Monitoring Team provides technical expertise, training and resources in order to engage diverse partners to collect and share new and existing water quality data with the goal of developing a comprehensive understanding of the health of the Chesapeake Bay.

These projects educate citizens on their communities’ impacts on water quality, help track the effectiveness of conservation and restoration efforts, and fill in data gaps at the federal and state levels. The Team works closely with Chesapeake Bay Program Partners to fill data needs and ensure consistency between data collected across the region.

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Capacity Building

The Alliance is a recognized leader in the Chesapeake Bay community for building organizational and technical capacity around efficient and effective implementation of on-the-ground projects. We offer programming that builds our audiences’ agency and awareness.

Our capacity building projects focus on educating through subject matter experts, creating inclusive spaces that uplift diverse voices, providing unique and transformative experiences, and fostering individual connections.

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Community Leadership

Stakeholders’ Advisory Committee advises the leadership of the federal/state Chesapeake Bay Program partnership on programs and policies that impact residents who live and work in the Chesapeake watershed.

The appointed members of the Stakeholders’ Advisory Committee are a sample of stakeholders representing the perspectives and experiences of communities, companies and conservationists in our region.

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Chesapeake Bay Program (CBP) Communications

As the voice of the CBP partnership, the CBP Communications Team works to communicate the policy, science and data of the CBP and its partners. It does this through media outreach, web- and print-based products, multimedia and collaboration, and outreach and engagement with stakeholders around the watershed.

The CBP Communications Team also coordinates the watershed-wide CBP Communications Workgroup, a forum for communications and public relations professionals.

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Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Program