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The Alliance works collaboratively to improve forest health, create new forests and tree canopy, inform and support private woodland owners, and communicate the benefits provided by woodlands and trees in our landscape.

Before human settlement, the Chesapeake Bay watershed was almost entirely forested. While just over half of it remains, these forests are crucial in protecting water quality and providing other essential ecosystem benefits across the region.

The Alliance collaborates with a variety of agencies, organizations, and private sector entities to increase and enhance forest cover and tree canopy throughout the watershed.

We also work with private woodland owners to promote and implement sustainable forest management practices and resources, build capacity of local governments to attain their forest and tree canopy goals, and educate the public about the essential benefits provided by trees and woodlands in our landscape.


One of the best actions anyone within the Chesapeake Bay watershed can do to improve the health of the Bay is to plant trees.

The Alliance works with landowners and communities across diverse landscapes and targets its tree planting projects to those areas where they do the most good for water quality in the watershed, from streamside buffers to urban environments, and most places in between.

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Forest Management

Keeping forests healthy, so they can help us. The Alliance directs resources to support woodland stewardship on private lands that improves forest vitality and productivity, enhances wildlife habitat and protects water quality.

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Resource Building & Engagement

To initiate action and ensure a lasting impact, the Alliance educates stakeholders about healthy forest management practices and tree care, builds tools to aid in decision making, and develops resources informed by the technical expertise of our staff and partnering entities.

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What's Happening

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Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Program