Farmers for the Bay

The Alliance supports farmers in implementing agricultural best management practices to restore the health of local rivers and streams.

With approximately 87,000 farms in the Chesapeake Bay watershed, the Alliance provides resources enabling farmers to maintain productive agricultural lands while simultaneously protecting their local waterways.

The Alliance works with businesses and local communities in building collaborative strategies to engage and activate these farmers. We implement agricultural best management practices across a broad spectrum of farms, which results in cleaner streams and ultimately a cleaner Chesapeake Bay.

Corporate Sustainability

The Alliance works alongside agricultural supply chain corporations and its farm providers to accelerate conservation efforts throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Our approach allows farms to remain sustainable while elevating environmental standards throughout the agricultural industry.

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Community-Driven Partnerships

Thousands of farms paint the rural landscape of the watershed, each with individual site considerations impacting nearby habitats and waterways.

The Alliance works to access and leverage resources that help farming communities enhance planning efforts and implement agricultural best management practices (BMPs) across their productive lands.

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National Farmers Day Farmer Spotlight: Spring Meadow Dairy

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