What We Do

Results-Driven Impact and Collaboration for Clean Water

Since 1971, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay has served as the ‘backbone’ for action-oriented impact and collaboration across our watershed.

With four strategically placed offices and four focused programs, we’re positioned to solve downstream problems with upstream solutions. Through boots-on-the-ground solutions, technical assistance, and expertise, we prevent pollution where it begins – on the land – before it reaches our rivers and the Chesapeake.

By collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations, the Alliance becomes a catalyst, building the capacity of others to join and accelerate clean water in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Fostering Partnerships and Building Resiliency

Making a difference in our watershed means building relationships with the individuals who live, work, and play throughout its lands and waters. Through a wide variety of projects, we connect people to their local rivers and streams, where they become directly involved in local restoration efforts.

Our combined approach of action and collaboration builds resiliency among our communities and landscapes to continually adapt to an ever-changing world. Staying true to our mission we remain results-driven and focused on the needs of our beloved watershed, For our Forests, For our Streams, For our Future.

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Our Programs


The Alliance supports farmers in implementing agricultural best management practices to restore the health of local rivers and streams.


The Alliance works collaboratively to improve forest health, create new forests and tree canopy, inform and support private woodland owners, and communicate to the public benefits provided by the woodlands and trees in our landscape.

Green Infrastructure

The Alliance reduces stormwater runoff by implementing conservation landscaping practices that improve water quality and support healthy landscapes throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

Stewardship & Engagement

The Alliance engages communities, companies, and conservationists to build a more resilient landscape and foster a deeper commitment to improving our local lands and waters in the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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