It is with great pleasure that the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay recognizes Franklin and Theresa Robinson as the 2022 Maryland Watershed Champion Awardees at this year’s “Taste: Celebrate the Chesapeake on September 22nd at the Annapolis Maritime Museum. We recognize Franklin and Teresa for their leadership and dedication to cleaner rivers and streams of the Patuxent River, and the Chesapeake Bay. 

Franklin and Theresa Robinson are a brother-sister duo who own Serenity Farm in Benedict, Maryland. The Robinsons family have farmed in Southern Maryland since the mid- 1700s. Their dad was always involved in soil conservation projects, so they got to experience it firsthand at a young age and learned by  following his example. The family still farms on the property, with every family member having a hand in it with various talents. Local residents also love the farm, and the Robinsons make an effort to open the farm up to the public with events such as the Sunflower Festival. 

Two years ago, the Alliance worked with the Robinsons to restore the ecosystems in the floodplain of the Patuxent River.  In partnership with the Alliance, the Robinsons planted1.25 acres of meadow as well as over 100 trees on the land of Serenity Farm buffering the river.  With a deep connection to the lands and waters of Southern Maryland, Theresa and Franklin are committed stewards of the Patuxent, and we appreciate all they do for cleaner water!

Join us in celebrating Franklin and Theresa’s accomplishments on September 22nd at the Annapolis Maritime Museum for our annual “The Taste: Celebrate the Chesapeake.”