Dear Alliance family and friends,

As 2022 comes to a close and we begin to reflect on all that we’ve
achieved and the things we’re thankful for, one thing is clear,
you have helped us achieve so much this year!

This has been an exciting year for our team. The Alliance continues to strategically grow our on-the-ground impact and build our internal capacity to continue to deliver on our mission, something that would not be possible without your support.


1. Grow our Communciations team in order to continue to educate, engage, and tell visual stories of impact with the 19 million residents of the Chesapeake

2. Celebrate the Chesapeake and our five worthy Award winners, at three Taste events in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Maryland

3. Launch a 24-hour tree planting Treelay where over 170 volunteers helped us plant 3000+ trees across the Chesapeake

4. Host nearly 400 practitioners, students, and conservationists at our 17th Annual Chesapeake Watershed Forum in Shepherdstown, WV

5. Organize 84 Project Clean Stream trash cleanup events

6. and so much more!

That sounds like a lot of impact, but it’s just the beginning!
Our four program teams have been working hard to improve water quality across the watershed. Join us for a closer look at what’s been happening in PA, VA, DC, and MD.



With the next generation of Chesapeake Bay restoration ahead of us, your continued support makes our work possible.  When you join us, you’re joining other like-minded clean water advocates to bring more trees back to our watershed, engage more members of our communities, and create clean water for all.


Right now, you have an opportunity to help us raise $60,000 in critical funds to continue to grow our clean water impact across the Chesapeake.

For the rest of the year, your donation will be matched, up to $30K by our generous donors and Board of Directors.

This means you can double your impact today.


Sending you thanks and gratitude this Thanksgiving season!
For our Forests, For our Streams, For our Future.