Shawn Kimbro

Chairman of the Board President, Chesapeake Center for Excellence

The George Washington University

Shawn Kimbro is the author of three popular fishing books, Chesapeake Light Tackle, An Introduction to Light Tackle Fishing on the Chesapeake Bay, The Right Stuff, Gear and Attitudes for Trophy Light Tackle Fishing, and How To Catch Chesapeake Panfish. His books are instructional and inspirational with a strong emphasis on environmentalism and ethical fishing. A frequent speaker to fishing clubs, conservation groups, and environmental organizations, he is recognized and respected across the Chesapeake region as a leading voice for stewardship within the fishing community. His innovative and conservation-oriented fishing techniques have been featured in the Washington Post, the Baltimore Sun, The Annapolis Capital, Chesapeake Bay magazine, Angler’s Journal, Field & Stream, Saltwater Sportsman, and other publications. His how-to fishing videos have garnered over a million views on YouTube and on other social media outlets, and his blog, is one of the most visited fishing websites in the region. When he isn’t fishing, he is the technical director of the Sleep Medicine program at George Washington University.