Native Plant Center

Growing Native Gardens & Why They Matter

Few things get me as excited as conservation landscaping. It wasn’t always this way, but as I learned more and more about the importance of native plants in the environment, I became to appreciate and value them. Yellow coneflower and Joe-Pye weed (purple) and butterfly weed (orange) in the distance.There is something about natives that fascinates me. …

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Property Value Flourishes with Native Landscaping Practices

There is a comfort in knowing a neighborhood provides you with not only a unique experience, but a rewarding lifestyle. Richmond neighborhoods are becoming known for their tight-knit community bonds inspired by environmental landscaping programs. The Chesapeake RiverWise Communities program, sponsored by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay focuses its attention on providing feasible landscape …

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5 Amazing Native Plants Blooming in May

There’s no doubt we love native species at the Alliance. They’re usually easy to take care of, prove to be unique resources to humans and wildlife, and are always beautiful. With spring up and running, we want to make sure to notice and appreciate some of the beautiful blooming native flowers. See if you can …

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