The Taste: Celebrate the Chesapeake

Celebrate the Chesapeake With Us at The Taste!

The Alliance’s annual Taste celebration is moving upstream in 2022. After two years of virtual events, the Taste will take place in-person at three different venues across the Chesapeake Bay watershed.

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About The Taste – Celebrate with Us!

Over 100,000 streams and rivers flow through 64,000 square miles of forest, fields, cities, suburbs, and communities on their way to the Chesapeake Bay. The Bay watershed’s tremendous reach creates a land-to-water ratio of 14:1. That’s greater than any other coastal water body in the world!

We’ve all heard the saying, “Think globally, act locally,” and in the case of the Chesapeake, that’s exactly what we need to do. We work upstream to prevent pollution where it begins – on the land – before it even reaches our rivers and streams, and the Chesapeake. Our programs build resiliency among our communities and landscapes to continually adapt to an ever-changing world.

So we think it’s pretty natural that we bring our largest annual fundraiser to the communities who partner with us to restore the Bay. That’s right! After two years of virtual events, the Taste is back. This September, Taste attendees have their choice of three exciting and unique venues in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland/DC Region.

The Taste aims to bring together like-minded corporations and conservationists within three distinct Chesapeake Bay watershed communities. As a regional event offering a smaller, more intimate atmosphere, the Taste presents a unique opportunity for you to support our critical work and enjoy an evening with other individuals who genuinely want to make a difference in our watershed.





Brambly Park



Rivers Edge at Long Level



The Annapolis Maritime Museum

“As an industry partner with an inherent passion for helping to rid the Bay of harmful pollutants, Luck Ecosystems has teamed with the Alliance on a number of projects that enhance communities and create environmental solutions throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Working together, we have installed rain gardens, protected streams, and utilized our RainScape biofiltration products for more effective stormwater management. Luck Ecosystems and Luck Stone are proud to support the Alliance’s mission to bring together communities, companies, and conservationists on far-reaching initiatives to keep our lands and waters healthy for generations to come.” – Jimmy Rodgers, Regional Sales Manager for Luck Ecosystems

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