Volunteer Opportunity: Warrenton, VA Tree Planting with Giant

April 22nd, 2023

Cool Lawn Farm of Remington, Virginia recently celebrated its 50th year of membership with Maryland & Virginia Milk Producers Cooperative Association. Today, the farm is owned and operated by Ken Smith and his son Ben. The family milk 780 cows and farm on 2,500 acres. Ben was named the 2022 Outstanding Young Cooperator by his dairy farmer peers and represented Maryland & Virginia at industry events throughout the last year. The family also operates a franchise of local ice cream shops called “Moo Thru” with five locations throughout the Commonwealth.

Ben is leading the effort to plant a buffer on his property that will cover around one acre in trees, and we need your help! Typically, in Virginia, the standard planting rate is 300 trees per acre. Each of the types of trees are native to the area and may include oaks, maples, walnuts, or dogwoods.

The sustainability efforts won’t stop with tree plantings. The Smith family is looking to construct two facilities in the near future. The first will protect dry cows and springers with a bedded pack barn, which ensures animal comfort at all times of the year. The barn will also have a waste management plan to keep nutrient-heavy materials out of local waterways.

The other project is a heavy use area, which helps protect the land from erosion in particularly high-trafficked areas among other positive benefits for the environment.

Consider joining in on our tree planting efforts at Cool Lawn Farm on April 22nd. Please find more details and register here.

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