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7Jul, 2017

Native Shrubs: the workhorses of our streamside forests

July 07, 2017|

Native moisture-tolerant shrubs that fringe this stream in western Maryland improve the water quality and habitat for both terrestrial and aquatic fauna. Ninebark fruits are developing in the foreground, and several dogwood and viburnum

16Jun, 2017

5 Common Edible Summertime Berries in the Chesapeake

June 16, 2017|

Forest Foraging for Summertime Treats In early summer months, eastern forests yield many plants that can be eaten raw or cooked, and dozens of edible mushroom species. Wild berries are particularly wonderful; they’re easy to

15May, 2017

Agriculture: We’re Halfway There by Bobby Whitescarver

May 15, 2017|

Summerdean, VA: Ease of herd movement is the number one reason Jimmy Callison fenced his cattle away from the river. “It used to take seven or eight people on four-wheelers and horses to get all

9May, 2017

Streamside Forest Buffers are Important for Water and Wildlife

May 09, 2017|

Over one third of the land in the Chesapeake Bay watershed is either covered by development or agriculture. This poses obstacles to water quality in the form of nutrients, sediments, and other pollutants, but also

3Mar, 2017

Alliance & Partners Launch New Forestry Websites

March 03, 2017|

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Program's Forestry Workgroup and the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, launched two new websites to help support those working to plant and protect

22Feb, 2017

Project Clean Stream: Engaging Businesses and Making a Splash in Local Communities

February 22, 2017|

Every spring, local waterways and woodlands receive a clean start as thousands of volunteers come together for the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s Project Clean Stream, the largest annual volunteer cleanup event in the Chesapeake

1Feb, 2017

Slowing Land Subsidence in Hampton Roads, VA with Wastewater

February 01, 2017|

Hampton Roads, Virginia is the second largest population area threatened by sea level rise in the country. Southeast Virginia is predicted to be inundated with an additional one to three plus feet of sea level

30Jan, 2017

Alliance’s Howard County READY Program Wins Melanie Teems Award

January 30, 2017|

Left to right: Al Todd (Alliance Executive Director), Lori Lilly (Howard EcoWorks Director), Ted Wolf (READY Program Assistant), and Lou Etgen (Maryland State Director) accept award The Alliance's Howard County READY (Restoring the

30Jan, 2017

Stormwater Symbiosis: A Look at the Bloomingdale Rebate Program as a Successful Example of Public-Private-Civil Society Partnership

January 30, 2017|

Mutually Beneficial Relationships Flourish Institutions that embody symbiotic relationships between public, private, and civil society sectors have proven to be a successful model for the management of water resources across the globe. Their cooperative approach

24Jan, 2017

Growing partnerships with farmers key to restoring Octoraro watershed

January 24, 2017|

The Chesapeake region is fortunate to have a variety of organizations that are interested in creating innovative partnerships to address local needs for clean water. In 2016, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay was awarded

22Dec, 2016

RiverWise Congregations Comes to A Close

December 22, 2016|

In January of 2013 the Alliance and it’s partners put their brains together to come up with the concept for RiverWise Congregations. Over the next year, with the Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake (IPC), Anne Arundel

1Dec, 2016

Wrapping Up Trees for Sacred Places Planting Season

December 01, 2016|

The Maryland Office wrapped up its Trees for Sacred Places planting season this November. Throughout this past Fall, 737 native trees were planted at 16 Houses of Worship and hundreds of volunteers were engaged at educational