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Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative

Working together to understand the health of our waters

Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative

The Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative is a group of leading organizations that provide technical, programmatic, and outreach support in order to integrate volunteer-based and non-traditional water quality and macroinvertebrate monitoring data into the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership. Currently there are many sources of data, including data collected by volunteers, local governments and NGOs, that are not being used to track Bay health. Data contribution by this network of volunteer and non-traditional sources will provide valuable information and create a comprehensive understanding of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, the health of the bay, and the success of restoration efforts.

Why should you get involved?

  • Water quality monitoring training
  • Assistance to acquire monitoring supplies
  • Technical support to establish and maintain a monitoring program
  • Data interpretation and report card development workshops
  • Use of the user-friendly database for storing and managing your data
  • Knowledge that your data is available to State and Federal agencies

Next Steps:

As a part of this initiative, we are working with Chesapeake Environmental Communications to develop a database that will be easy for monitoring groups to use, input their data, retrieve it, and share it with others. You will be able to access the database here once it goes live!

We are currently offering a number a technical support services provided by the CMC service providers. To apply for assistance fill out this form online or view the PDF here.

Our Vision

Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative envisions a Chesapeake community where all data of known quality are used to inform watershed management decisions and restoration efforts.

Our Mission

Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative works with diverse partners to collect and share new and existing water quality data. Through this collaboration, we aim to develop a comprehensive understanding of Chesapeake Bay Watershed health.

View some results from the census

Take the Chesapeake Monitoring Census! Through the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative there will be many opportunities available to your organization, the first step is telling us about your current monitoring activities.

Fill out our census!


Visit our database!

The CMC was formed as a partnership between the following organizations:

The CMC was formed for the Integration of Citizen-based and Nontraditional Monitoring into the Chesapeake Bay Program partnership.

Do you want to join the Chesapeake Monitoring Co-op? Please email Liz Chudoba at

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Liz Chudoba Water Quality Program Manager, Virginia Office

Liz is the Alliance's Water Quality Program Manager. She manages the Chesapeake Monitoring Cooperative partnership, and the Alliance's RiverTrends program.

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