Project Clean Stream

Project Clean Stream will kick off on September 11th, 2020 with cleanups taking place across the watershed, and will run through Fall of 2020!

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Every spring, tens of thousands of volunteers come together to pick up trash from local streams, creeks, rivers, parks, and neighborhoods as part of the Alliance’s Project Clean Stream — the largest cleanup event in the Chesapeake Bay region! We provide supplies for cleanups anywhere in the Chesapeake Bay watershed (all 6 Bay states and the District).

Through Project Clean Stream, the Alliance offers hands-on opportunities through our partnership with residents, local businesses, environmental organizations, local governments, community groups, houses of worship, schools and universities, to come together to take action to restore clean waters to local streams, creeks, and rivers! Through our Project Clean Stream cleanups, volunteers have the opportunity to pick-up trash in their communities, discover how their everyday decisions affect the overall health of their local waterways, and ultimately foster a healthier and more sustainable relationship with the Chesapeake.

The Alliance works with site captains to coordinate local cleanup events, and provides cleanup supplies such as trash bags and gloves.

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Our 2020 Goal: 50,000 volunteers at 3,000 sites to clean up 3 million pounds of trash!

Project Clean Stream
Project Clean Stream

In 2019, Project Clean Stream brought in approximately 2.5 MILLION lbs of trash with more than 50,000 volunteers across thousands of cleanup sites!