///Conserving Chesapeake Forests

Conserving Chesapeake Forests

Chesapeake Forests programs improve the health of existing trees and forests, create new forests in places important to water quality and to watershed residents and promote the benefits of forests to the public and decision-makers  – “help forests help us”

Forest Restoration

The Alliance is working with the Bay states, federal agencies, and local governments to demonstrate the water quality benefits of trees and forests through on-the-ground projects and communications. We work in rural, suburban and highly urban settings to repair riparian zones, increase tree canopies, and educate the public about managing and caring for their trees.

Trees for Sacred Places

Since the fall of 2013, the Alliance has worked with the Interfaith Partners of the Chesapeake to engage people of faith in planting over 12,000 trees throughout Maryland! With trees getting in the ground, houses of worship are contributing to watershed restoration, environmental stewardship and community building.

Trees for Tomorrow

Financial and technical support offered through this program enables local governments and organizations to execute tree planting projects county-wide, ranging from urban tree installations to large-scale volunteer tree plantings to tree care and maintenance.

Chesapeake Forest Fund

The Chesapeake Forest Fund offers an investment opportunity to improve clean air and water, carbon storage, wildlife habitat and other natural benefits and meet their environmental stewardship and sustainability goals through tree planting and forest management.

Chesapeake Forest Fund

Forests for the Bay  is implementing strategies to promote woodland stewardship on private lands. The goal of the program is to educate landowners about the connection between healthy woodlands & clean water and that the healthiest woods are managed. The number of private woodland owners in this region is increasing rapidly as forestry budgets to address their needs are shrinking.  Forests for the Bay  is intended to help fill that service gap.

PA Buffer Program

A Riparian Forest Buffer is an area of native trees and shrubs along a stream. Without forest cover streams are unprotected from polluted runoff and runaway streambank erosion, and are unlikely to host the aquatic life which essentially digest pollution out of the water. Learn more about our Buffer Program in PA here.