Chesapeake Watershed Forum


15th Annual Chesapeake Watershed Forum

Climate Resiliency in a Changing Chesapeake Watershed

October 29 – 30, 2020 | Online

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About the Chesapeake Watershed Forum

The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay’s 15th Annual Chesapeake Watershed Forum (to be held online October 29 – 30) is a watershed-wide event reaching over 400 restoration and protection practitioners to inspire and empower local action towards clean water. We share successful tools and techniques, offer lessons and learnings from on-the-ground work, build capacities of local organizations, foster partnerships, educate on new initiatives and emerging practices, network among each other, and celebrate our successes.

Through our theme, “Climate Resiliency in a Changing Chesapeake Watershed,” we share our responses to the changing climatic and sea level conditions that alter the natural and human systems of the Chesapeake Bay watershed. We seek to highlight restoration and conservation approaches and policies that enhance the resiliency of our lands, aquatic systems, and communities to withstand adverse impacts of climate change, such as more intense and frequent storms, extreme coastal and inland flooding, sea level rise, altered weather patterns, and seasonable variability. We hope to expand our understanding of the human effects of climate change, including its ties to public health, human migration, and social justice. We will look to address climate change as an inherent issue of environmental justice, and its disproportionate impact upon communities of color and low-income communities. Finally, we seek models of resilient partnerships capable of withstanding the stressors and adversity posed by climate change.

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The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay offers a limited number of scholarships for the 2020 Chesapeake Watershed Forum registration. The application is now closed. We will announce scholarship recipients on Friday, October 9.

Chesapeake Collective

The Chesapeake Collective is an intentional effort to create a space for a range of diverse voices and narratives to be expressed, shared, and incorporated into the broader conversation about our common vision for a healthy, flourishing, and resilient watershed.  While it certainly does not include all of the multiple voices and stories that make our watershed whole, it does provide a platform and an open invitation to those voices and stories that are often overpowered by the dominant narrative or left out of the conversation around holistic, interdependent watersheds and communities.  Chesapeake Collective recognizes and celebrates our watershed-wide diversity as a source of strength and the foundation for the type of social movement it will take to meet our collective restoration goals.


The Forum is a highly social event where peers can network with other groups facing similar challenges, and be inspired to continue the work of preserving and restoring the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. To help facilitate this offsite, we’re expanding our efforts to promote the Forum on social media websites. Make sure to follow along with our Forum developments on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram with the hashtag #ChesForum.

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If you have any questions regarding the Chesapeake Watershed Forum please contact Jenny McGarvey.