ForumPlus, an extension of the Chesapeake Watershed Forum, is designed to provide organizations with continuous opportunities to learn, network, and inspire each other on a variety of environmental subjects through many social platforms. It aims to facilitate a continuous conversation, create partnerships between environmental groups across the watershed, and focus on information sharing.

ForumPlus creates a steady relationship between watershed groups and local governments through a variety of educational and networking events in different platforms.

ForumPlus events look like a number of different things:

  • Webcast events that are hosted through the Chesapeake Network and designed to provide information and insight on topics that are identified at the Forum and need additional in-depth analysis and ongoing dialogue.
  • Panel events hosted in different cities that are centered around diversity initiatives in the environmental field.
  • Issue debates and/or regional one day forums to bring synergy to local groups in these regions.
  • A Local Government Forum that would focus on issues that are specific to local government implementation of the WIP’s and opportunities for local watershed group engagement with local governments.

Get started by subscribing to our new ForumPlus Youtube page, and checking out what the Alliance has already done through ForumPlus. There you will find ForumPlus videos from events conducted by the Alliance and their partners. Watch, share, and comment!

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Marissa Spratley Communications Specialist, Maryland & DC Office

Marissa is the Communications Specialist at the Alliance’s MD/DC office. Her job includes communications outreach through social media, press releases, website content, and community engagement.

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