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Chesapeake Collective

Sharing Stories. Opening Conversations. Informing Actions.

Chesapeake Collective is a creative platform for diverse voices to express their vision for a healthy bay watershed.

Chesapeake Collective is an intention, a space, and a platform, at the annual Chesapeake Watershed Forum and beyond, for diverse voices and narratives to be shared, seen, heard, and incorporated into the broader conversation about our common vision for a healthy, flourishing, and resilient bay watershed through creative means.

The Collective recognizes and celebrates our watershed-wide diversity as a source of strength and the foundation for the type of social movement it will take to meet our collective bay restoration goals. We hope that you will take the time to listen, watch, and be open to the many realities that make our watershed whole, as well as lend your voice to the conversation.

Multiple voices and stories make our watershed whole, yet only a few dominate the vision for a healthy, flourishing, and resilient Chesapeake Bay Watershed.

Join us to change that!

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