Education and Collaboration for Our Chesapeake Forests

A large part of this collaborative effort to educate and provide resources for forestry landowners is the Forests for the Bay newsletter.

The Forests for the Bay newsletter is a monthly newsletter bursting with stories, regional events, trivia, and more! Sign up today to receive new content, trivia, and fun forest facts each month, or read past newsletters by clicking the links below.


What’s in a Forests for the Bay Newsletter?

Every Forests for the Bay newsletter is unique. There’s always something new sprouting, blooming, or “poppin'” each month, there are new fun forest facts to test your knowledge, and there’s always a lot going on around the watershed! The Alliance’s forests team puts together different content for you to learn the most about our Chesapeake Forests in an exciting and engaging way. From “What’s Poppin'” to Tree Talks, there’s a little bit of content for everyone!

What’s Poppin’? Phenological Fun

Our forests are constantly on the move as time passes and seasons change. Each Forests for the Bay issue feature’s a photo and explanation of a species either blooming, leaving out, ripening, or otherwise changing in our woods, and we call this “What’s Poppin’?”

Tree Talk

Since 2019, Ryan Davis, Senior Forests Projects Manager at the Alliance, has been sharing his knowledge on his walks through the woods. Each video highlights a different species or activity related to ecology, reforestation, and more. New Tree Talk episodes debut in each Forests for the Bay newsletter! More about Tree Talk here.


If you’re interested in getting involved in the Forests for the Bay fun – our monthly trivia feature is for you! We share a photo and a question in each newsletter crafted to test your knowledge about forests trivia, or “treevia” as some say. Bonus, all correct answers submitted are entered to win a Forests for the Bay baseball cap!

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