Photo courtesy of Chesapeake Bay Program

Local Leadership Workgroup

Educating and Partnering with Local Officials

The Local Leadership Workgroup is tasked with implementing the local leadership outcome, which is to ‘continually increase the knowledge and capacity of local officials on issues related to water resources and in the implementation of economic and policy incentives that will support local conservation actions’.

On behalf of the Chesapeake Bay Program, the Alliance coordinates the efforts of the Local Leadership Workgroup (LLWG), which is part of the “Enhancing Partnering, Leadership and Management Goal Implementation Team.”

The LLWG was established in 2014 after the signing of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement.


Peer to Peer Learning Exchange Opportunities

The Alliance, with guidance from LGAC and the LLWG, and in collaboration with the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and other varying local and state entities, hosts yearly peer-to-peer learning exchange opportunities for local elected officials in the form of either a hands-on bus tour or a virtual classroom experience.

The goal of this initiative is to increase local officials’ capacity to undertake actions that protect and restore the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, while building relationships across the Watershed jurisdictions.