RiverSmart Stormwater Contractor Trainings

Bringing Green Education to the Workforce

The RiverSmart Stormwater Contractor Training events serve not only to increase the number of participating RiverSmart subcontractors and stormwater practices in the city, but also to provide city contractors with stormwater and green infrastructure knowledge that may aid in other green sector jobs.

In partnership with the DC Department of Energy and Environment, the Alliance has coordinated annual and biannual contractor trainings for the past 12 years for local landscaping businesses, home contractors, and entrepreneurs. Each training provides stormwater information and new skills in rain garden, permeable pavement, and rain barrel practices through a classroom and field training.

Providing insight to these practices encourages the installation of more sustainable green projects throughout the District and accessibility to other applicable opportunities. The training events have been provided in both English and Spanish, covering either general stormwater knowledge or a full contractor breakdown of the program.

The Alliance is excited by the increased amount of stormwater retention in the city thanks to training local businesses with green skills!