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RiverTrends Monitor Resources

Active Monitor Resources

This page is for current RiverTrends monitors. Find useful links and videos to help answer frequently asked questions, request supplies, and access digital copies of the manual and datasheets. Still have questions? Contact Sophie Stern, RiverTrends Coordinator, at or 804-793-8792

Training Dates & Recertifications

Upcoming training dates and recertification sessions will continue on an as-needed basis. No individual monitors are currently being trained. Contact your group coordinator for more information.


Monitor Resources


Rainfall Data

We recommend using Weather Underground to source your rainfall data. The video below will walk you through how to find the weather station that is closest to your monitoring station and find the associated historic rainfall data. This site is best displayed on a laptop or tablet, not a phone. Rainfall is displayed in inches, so be sure to convert this into millimeters before reporting on your datasheet. (1 in = 25.4 mm).

Example: 7 day rainfall total displayed on Wunderground adds up to 0.89 inches. 0.89 x 25.4 = 22.6mm



Dissolved Oxygen: Sodium Thiosulfate Check and Titration Process

Dissolved Oxygen: Filling your Titrator and Removing Air Bubbles

Dissolved Oxygen: Collecting and Fixing your Sample

Temperature: Measuring Air and Water Temperature

Salinity: Using Your Refractometer

Using a Turbidity Tube

Bacteria: Coliscan Easygel

This is a 6-part series. Select the icon in the top right corner of the video to view more of the bacteria plating video series.

pH: Calibrating your pH Meter (Old Meter)


pH: Calibrating your pH Meter (New Meter)