Wednesday  Feb. 13,  8:00 am  â€” 4:30 pm (4:30 – 6:30 pm – Social Mixer)
Thursday Feb. 14,  8:30 am — 2:45 pm

Williamsburg Lodge
310 South England Street
Williamsburg, VA 23185

Registration and space is limited.View the Agenda This Summit is a grassroots effort, bringing together a diverse group of 200 people all actively engaged in efforts to increase the use of actions on private property that protect water quality and restore watersheds and habitats in Virginia’s urban-suburban communities.

It is TIME to join forces, share successes, challenges, and resources  and  find opportunities to coordinate efforts in a way that:

  • Provides Virginia localities  with long-term, viable strategies to meet the Chesapeake Bay cleanup and stormwater pollution reduction goals for developed private property.
  • Results in widespread, voluntary adoption of actions  by private property owners.
  • Values and supports our individual strengths and missions  whether it’s regulatory compliance, business growth, urban forests, increased stewardship, clean waters, landscape beautification, healthy habitats, people, and wildlife.
  • Identifies and overcomes common barriers.
  • Is long-term and financially sustainable.
  • Inspires and informs  new efforts and programs.

Through professionally facilitated presentations and interactive discussions, you will become part of the solution by beginning to form a coalition of efforts and envision a “Path Forward” needed to restore our watersheds and protect water quality in Virginia.

You will leave with an increased knowledge about existing and emerging strategies, technologies and tools that can be used to address financial, practice-specific, communication, social marketing, and/or incentive related issues. You will be better connected to available resources and to others in your community, region and state striving to achieve the same goals.

Who will attend?  Watershed & Habitat Restoration Organizations, Local & Regional Government, State & Federal Agency Representatives, Researchers, Environmental & Stormwater Professionals, Landscape & Nursery Professionals, Trained Stewards, Cooperative Extension Agents, Funders.


Resources[one_fifth ][imageframe link=”” ] Videos on incentive programs ♦ BMP protocol & guidance ♦ concepts & success stories ♦ property owner testimonials ♦ financing guidance & strategies.

Send the links of any videos you have to share to[title content_ ]Registration Fees

2-Day – $85 to  $75
1-Day – $55 to  $50

Fees include  a morning coffee/reception, breaks,  lunches.  Day One includes  a cash-bar/social mixer  with sponsor’s exhibits.PLEASE NOTE: Your participation is important…if  costs are an issue, please contact us, we  hope to offer limited financial assistance.


Hotel ReservationsGroup Rates available at the Williamsburg  Lodge (incl. breakfast):  $79/night (1 queen) or $96/night (2 queens or 1 king).

Call 1-800-261-9530; Group Rate: 26092ContactShereen Hughes at  or 757-880-6802Hosted & Sponsored By:[one_fourth class=”acb-sponsor-container” ][imageframe class=”acb-sponsor-image” ] [one_fourth class=”acb-sponsor-container” ][imageframe link=”” class=”acb-sponsor-image” ] [one_fourth class=”acb-sponsor-container” ][imageframe class=”acb-sponsor-image” ] [one_fourth class=”acb-sponsor-container” ][imageframe class=”acb-sponsor-image” ] Major Funders Include:  National Fish & Wildlife Foundation through the Chesapeake  RiverWise  Communities Grant Project, The Campbell Foundation, the US Environmental Protection Agency, & the  Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program.SponsorsBecome a sponsor.[one_fourth class=”acb-sponsor-container” ][imageframe link=”” class=”acb-sponsor-image” ] [one_fourth class=”acb-sponsor-container” ][imageframe link=”” class=”acb-sponsor-image” ] [one_fourth class=”acb-sponsor-container” ][imageframe link=”” class=”acb-sponsor-image” ] [one_fourth class=”acb-sponsor-container” ][imageframe link=”” class=”acb-sponsor-image” ] [one_third class=”acb-sponsor-container” ][imageframe link=”” class=”acb-sponsor-image” ]