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Underwater view of the top of a fairy shrimp swiming in a creek.

What’s Swimmin’? Phenological Fun! Fairy Shrimp

What’s swimming right now? Fairy shrimp! These small crustaceans live in vernal pools and lakes and are an important food source for both fish and birds.

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GSI Maintenance: Connecting with the Community

DC’s Department of Energy and Environment has partnered with The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay to maintain over 350 public Green Stormwater Infrastructure practices otherwise known as Best Management Practices, or BMPs for short.

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Front view of a wood frog

Surviving Winter: The Amphibian Way

How do amphibians survive winter? These cold-blooded critters have unique methods for staying alive during the frigid winter months.

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Bringing Clean Water and Green Jobs to DC

The gardens in DC are dormant in January, but the landscape maintenance crews are not. Without weeds to pull or perennials to maintain, the crews can tackle larger maintenance tasks, and we can provide trainings.

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Restoring Wetlands at Cedar Point Wildlife Management Area

Wetlands are crucial to the health and resiliency of the Bay in a time of rapidly changing climate. Climate change is also extending periods of wet and dry cycles. In times of drought, groundwater stored by wetlands can be critical in sustaining our native plants and animals. In times of extended rainfall, that same storage capability prevents or lessens flooding of our communities and important infrastructure.

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A goose peeking over the top of a wattle fence.

Are You Wasting Your Yard Waste?

Are you wasting your yard waste? Learn how to start using your yard waste as a resource to help your yard flourish, enhance your soil, and reduce your carbon footprint.

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What’s Poppin’? Phenological Fun: Winter Oyster Mushroom

Winter oyster mushrooms, one of the most widely cultivated wild mushrooms, can be found in woodlands throughout North America except the Pacific Northwest.

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Going with the Flow: Volunteer Water Quality Monitoring Can Happen Anywhere

We ask a lot of our water quality monitoring volunteers, and we want to extend a huge thank you to all of our volunteers who have stuck with us as we have navigated the past few years. We couldn’t do this important work to help restore the Chesapeake Bay and our waterways without you!

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Thank You for an Impactful 2023!

January is a time of resolutions, and looking forward to the future. But before we close the book on last year, we’d like to thank you for your support in 2023. With help from generous friends like you, we achieved a lot this year!

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Navigating Clean Water Challenges in New York

New York plays a vital role in implementing upstream solutions for downstream issues.

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