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Thursday March 27, 2014, 9am – 3pm
Dominion Innsbrook Center At Glen Allen
Richmond, VA

[separator bottom_margin=”10px” ]Business Has An Important Role To Play!The Chesapeake Business Forum will provide a unique opportunity for business leaders to come together and discuss how they can positively impact the environment and contribute to improving the health of the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers. Virginia Businesses have recently spoken through their Blueprint VA. This Forum is designed for businesses from across Virginia and the Bay region to have their voices heard, to come together to identify solutions, and to highlight their accomplishments.

The Forum is hosted by the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, who is a regional leader in building partnerships and developing innovative programs to engage a diversity of communities in the Chesapeake restoration effort.  The Alliance has a long history of working closely with business to improve the environment.

The Chesapeake Business Forum will also launch Businesses for the Bay(B4B): an Alliance and business-driven partnership that is designed to harness the leadership of business in environmental sustainability and find new and innovative solutions for improving water quality and advancing the health of the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers. This Forum will help shape the future work of Businesses for the Bay.

The CHESAPEAKE BUSINESS FORUM to be held in Richmond, VA on March 27, 2014 will be the first of a series of gatherings for business leaders.[separator bottom_margin=”10px” ] Businesses For The BayAn unprecedented opportunity exists today for businesses to work together to identify environmental issues and solutions, promote programs that support restoration and protection of the Bay and its rivers, involve employees in stewardship of their local waterways and showcase their role as good corporate citizens.

The Businesses for the Bay program, and the Forum, will involve a diverse mix of businesses, from large corporations, to regional enterprises, to small businesses. This program will offer its business members the opportunity to make their voices heard, share sustainability strategies, work together on the environment, and get their companies and their employees actively involved in environmental causes that are important to them, their customers and their communities, while helping to meet the larger goals for Chesapeake Bay restoration.

Join us at the Chesapeake Business Forum and be a part of Businesses for the Bay![separator bottom_margin=”10px” ]About The AllianceThe Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay is a regional non-profit that is tackling the challenges of Chesapeake Bay restoration through citizen stewardship, education, bringing diverse groups of people together to solve problems and inspiring local action. We have a proven track-record of over 40 years of innovation and implementation and have made significant progress as evidenced by improving water quality, restored streams and forests, and growing local leadership. However, there is much more to be done. The Alliance believes that the key to success is a broad-based and united effort where citizens, local governments, industry, farmers, fishermen, and other NGOs are at the table together finding solutions for clean water.

The Alliance is currently recruiting Founding Members of Businesses for the Bay and Sponsors for the Forum. For more information call Al Todd or Laura Ricciardelli at the Alliance at 443.949.0575.