AFF_logo-blk-lores1-214x112Saturday, March 28th 10:00am-12:30pm
Maryland Hall
801 Chase St, Annapolis, MD 21401

The Alliance is supporting, as a partner, the third annual Annapolis Film Festival which will run from March 26 to 29, 2015.

The Environmental Showcase of the Annapolis Film Festival will be held Saturday morning, featuring an environmental feature film and a short, followed by an Alliance ForumPlus panel discussion on climate change and coastal resilience, moderated by Al Todd, Executive Director of the Alliance.

Visit the Annapolis Film Festival website for more information or to purchase tickets.[one_full ][imageframe link=”” ] The 32-member committee is made up of stakeholders representing a broad range of fields and interests, including the regulated community, local governments, federal and state government agencies, the MD General Assembly, the academic and technical community, agriculture, business and the environmental community. The committee members’ knowledge and insight will be critical to the development and implementation of a trading program that boosts progress, with clear and verifiable results.

Nutrient trading is an important element of Maryland’s approach for restoring the Bay, especially for those sectors facing the highest costs to reduce pollution. Businesses, landowners, and municipalities may be able to meet a portion of their responsibilities by purchasing offsets or credits created by others.

Learn more about the Committee and its work at[title class=”acb-page-content-subtitle ” ]Environmental ShowcaseShored Up, directed by Ben Kalina. This film explores where human nature and the force of nature collide. Our beaches and coastline are a national treasure and a shared resource…and now they are disappearing in front of us. This film takes us to the heart of the climate change controversy where politics, economics and science collide.

[youtube id=”3mjgwGZzgnA” width=”600″ height=”350″ ]Isle de Jean Charles, directed by Emmanuel Vaughann-Lee. This short film portrays the small island in Louisiana that was the inspiration for the setting of “The Bathtub”, later adapted into the film Beasts of the Southern Wild. Vaughann-Lee’s film depicts the changes taking place on the island through the lives of two residents whose families are facing a future where rising seas, coastal erosion and storms are threatening to wash their home away.ForumPlus Panel DiscussionForumpluscombo-250x82Directly following the Showcase, the Alliance will host a short panel discussion on the topic of climate change and coastal protection, a ForumPlus event.

Executive Director, Al Todd will moderate the panel composed of esteemed individuals in the scientific and environmental communities including Mr. Peyton Robertson, Director of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Chesapeake Bay Office and Ms. Karla Raettig, Director of Maryland League of Conservation Voters.[one_half class=”acb-img-content-grid-item” ][imageframe class=”acb-img-content-grid-image” ] [title class=”acb-img-content-grid-content-title” ]Peyton Roberts, Director NOAA Chesapeake Bay Office (CBP/Flickr)[one_half class=”acb-img-content-grid-item” ][imageframe class=”acb-img-content-grid-image” ] [title class=”acb-img-content-grid-content-title” ]Karla Raettig, Director of Maryland League of Conservation Voters (MDLCV/Flickr)