Join us for locally-hosted Garden Parties throughout the Hickey Run Watershed in DC!
Come see what completed rain gardens and pervious pavers look like! The Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay has been working with the District Department of the Environment (DDOE) over the last five years to install rain gardens, pervious pavement, and landscape enhancements throughout Washington DC. These projects allow homeowners to reduce stormwater runoff from their properties that would otherwise contribute to the sediment, lawn fertilizers, pet-waste, oil and litter from streets, and other contaminants that are potentially running into the combined sewer system or our local streams… and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. One special subset of the RiverSmart Homes program we’ve been collaborating on in Washington is the Hickey Run Watershed Program. The Hickey Run Stream in northeast DC is one of the dirtiest streams in the city, due in large part to development over the past 100 years that left 90% of the stream piped underground. Several efforts are currently underway to restore Hickey Run, including incentives provided to homeowners within the watershed to install landscaping features on their properties that will absorb and filter harmful stormwater runoff. As part of the RiverSmart Homes Program, Hickey Run homeowners (also known as Hickey Run Heros) are eligible to receive bonus funding for one additional rain garden, BayScape garden, or pervious paver project.

Three garden parties, hosted by homeowners who have already installed stormwater landscape enhancements, will showcase the installations offered by the RiverSmart Program. Come see what the installations look like and hear first-hand from homeowners about what to expect during the RiverSmart Homes process.Garden Parties

  • April 26th: 1926 Franklin Street NE from 11:00a-2:00p
  • May 3rd: 3004 25th Street NE from 11:00a-2:00p
  • May 10th: 1817 Hamlin Street NE from 11:00a-2:00p

For more information on the garden parties, please or call 202-535-1735.

For more information on RiverSmart Homes, see the RiverSmart Homes Page or