Did you know: rain washes chemicals and fertilizers into our streams, rivers, and, ultimately, the Chesapeake Bay. Once in our waterways, these pollutants fuel the growth of excess algae, which clouds the water and threatens the health of fish, crabs, and the entire Chesapeake Bay. One of the easiest ways for us to reduce our pollution contribution to the Chesapeake Bay is to replace some of our lawn and typical landscapes with native plants.

In this free native plant webinar, you’ll learn from our DC Green Infrastructure Projects Associate, Jordan Gochenaur, and our partner at Chesapeake Bay Landscape Pro (CBLP), Beth Ginter, what native plants are and why they are so important for a resilient landscape. You’ll also learn how to decide what native plants to plant in your ecoregion — including recommended native plants for Maryland, DC, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Use native plants in your garden to reduce your stormwater runoff today!